Soul Surgery With Tracy O’Malley

podcast Aug 16, 2021
Soul Surgery With Tracy O’Malley

Have you ever experienced feeling stuck in your life? Maybe a series of negative patterns seem to plague your existence, leaving you overwhelmed and drained?

It’s not as uncommon as you think. With the current lifestyles that we lead, our stress triggers are quite high. For some it may be related to their profession, and for others it might be a toxic relationship or a broken heart. The good news is that jumping out of these negative experiences  while also putting ourselves on a path to prosperity is not as difficult as it sounds.

This guest episode could be the first step in understanding what it takes to get there. We will be discussing the fundamental approach to finding peace within ourselves by identifying negative patterns and focusing on healing. 

There is a fire in each one of us that is just waiting to be ignited, and to help you light yours, we have a very special guest today — Tracy O’Malley. An expert Enneagram mentor, Tracy is a world-renowned master performance and business coach. Through this, she has helped thousands of women in igniting their soul’s purpose, earning profits, and building a legacy by empowering them with tools to become bulletproof.

I am so excited to share my conversation with Tracy. I feel that you are going to love her balance of warmth, compassion, and kindness. At the same time, she also has the power to say things straight, without holding anything back. But before we dig deeper into our conversation, first let’s get to know Tracy a little.


Who Is Tracy O’Malley?

Tracy is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She is an expert in the Enneagram, which is a basic personality test that has nine different personalities numbered one through nine where each number represents a different personality type. This tool is considered quite helpful for you if you want to understand yourself and the people in your life.

As an expert Enneagram coach, Tracy has used the method for over seven years to help accelerate transformation, build powerful, effective, and compassionate leaders. This helps in creating a more sustainable and lasting change.

Tracy is quite respected for her soul surgery method that provides a no-nonsense approach to demolish negative patterns in people’s lives and help them get ‘unstuck.’ One of her most remarkable achievements was starting a network marketing business when she was at a low point in her life. From there, she went on to earn her first million dollars within two years.

“Stay lit, no matter how dim your light gets.” – Tracy O’Malley

She has been featured in several magazines including Success from Home and has also won several top awards in her network marketing company for leadership. Tracy has a bright spark in her that always makes me smile whenever I see her name. I hope that this episode helps you move ahead and flourish in your life. Read on …


From A Broken Body To A Broken Heart — A Little Re-Breaking Can Fix Anything

Tracy has a strong level of awareness and has been on her personal growth journey for a long time. Whenever faced with unexpected situations or a downfall, she puts a lot of effort into repairing herself, whether it is to heal from a physical or mental turmoil.

“I’ll give you a good analogy so that you know where I am coming from. When I was six years old, I broke my arm, and I didn’t tell anybody [for two days] because I was worried that there would be a fight over me not being supervised as well as the money that it was going to cost. … And if you have ever broken a bone and it does not set, then [the doctor] has to get in there and re-break the bone so that it can heal properly and one can make the optimal use [after treatment]. Do we enjoy the process? Absolutely not. But I am so grateful that this happened .” – Tracy O’Malley

That’s not too different from any other situation that you may face in life, including one that causes emotional pain. A careful fragmentation and a deep dive into your circumstances can go a long way in restoring your energy and spirit.

“When we are younger, things happen to our heart, which may lead to heartbreaks. … The thing is, we don’t see that happening and we kind of start piecing together our hearts to get by. We seek ways to find significant certainty, our personal truth, and justice, and so we are operating with this heart space … that hasn’t been healed properly. What we have to do is to dive in. It doesn’t mean that you have to linger there for long, but just enough to go in and re-break some wounds. … You should be willing to connect the dots — but not to linger, or pass blame, or beat ourselves up — and to understand where the break happened. That’s where you re-break it, heal it, and move ahead.” – Tracy O’Malley

Going back and rebreaking the heart for it to heal properly and for it to operate the way it was fully intended moves a lot of wreckage out of the way. This allows you to constantly learn and evolve from your experiences and leads on to becoming the best version of yourself.


The Impact Of Enneagram On Tracy’s Life

Soon after her father’s death, around the time when Tracy had just turned 40, she decided to check herself into rehab for some coping mechanisms including alcohol, food, anger, and codependency. She promised herself that she would turn things around for herself and her kids once she got out of rehab.

“It was in rehab when I met my therapist who I still see today, and it was she who introduced me to the Enneagram test. It made unpacking the last 40 years of dysfunction a lot [easier], and allowed me to have a level of compassion for myself and others that I was previously lacking. … The other thing it helped me realize was that I communicate in the same way with everyone. My two kids at home were not like me and no matter what I intended in my heart, [my kids saw it differently]. But once I got home [from rehab] I started communicating with each of my kids differently depending on what they were on the Enneagram, and I nailed it, and things started changing overnight.” – Tracy O’Malley

When Tracy walked away from her career and went into rehab, her income went to zero and she had no clue what she was supposed to be doing. About six months later, Tracy saw a glimmer of hope with a network marketing opportunity that knocked at her door.

“I was introduced to a product that was part of a network marketing [company] which I had no desire to do. but I loved the product and thought why [didn’t I] help other people with it? And within two years I went from $0 income to a million-dollar income. I used Enneagram to lead the team because nobody on the team was like me so I needed to leverage everyone and bring out the best in them.” – Tracy O’Malley

Throughout life, we build coping mechanisms that are based on the prevailing belief system that protects our natural disposition and temperament. Each Enneagram type has one that is very unique to them, and when you get to the heart of what motivates an individual person, you start seeing the soul. This is what Tracy uses the Enneagram method to do to peek into the souls of people. It allows her to see through behaviors to understand and interact with their core motives and bring out the best in people. 

While we can all take this test online and find our personality type, how we understand and utilize the results requires a little looking into. It’s one thing to have the right information, but it’s a completely different thing to utilize that information effectively. That is where experts like Tracy come in to take you through the process. They break down your personality type and help you really connect with yourself, which in turn makes way for internal cleansing and healing.


Why You Should Listen To This Tracy O’Malley Episode Right Now…

Guys, everything that Tracy said is exactly what growth looks like when you are leaning into it. Life comes with its own set of problems, but each problem also has a solution, and from that, you can chart out your path to prosperity. If you found this post to be interesting, then you may want to check out the rest of the episode here to catch up on the rest of the inspiring conversation with Tracy O’Malley.

I started the episode by asking Tracy a series of questions, and the one answer that stood out the most was the advice that she tends to give out the most. This is what she had to say —

“It has to do with parenting. … You should [allow your kids to see your full range of emotions] … instead of protecting them from that stuff. … It would be crazy to think that our kids can’t sense our energy, and one’s energy doesn’t lie. Our children can see the full range of our emotions whether we show it to them or not. If you are not role modeling that, then kids tend to think that there is something wrong with them when they themselves feel similar emotions and breakdowns. This chips away their confidence and has them seeking love, acceptance, approval, and attention somewhere else.” – Tracy O’Malley

Tracy is the mother of two adult children in their twenties who she has been parenting alone for the past fourteen years. During this time, her income dropped to zero and she began her rehab journey, from which she grew tremendously to be where she is now — inspiring thousands of people to bring out their best.

If you want to have a guide to take you through the Enneagram process, whether it’s in your family, your team, your organization, or just for yourself, you can connect with Tracy through her website. You can also check out Tracy’s podcast — Becoming Bulletproof and follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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Cheers to your prosperity! I am always rooting for you.


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